Bellman Nihm

Archon Machinist


Bellman Nihm appreciates the ground beneath his feet and would never go into a dream parlor with an intent to lose his inhibitions. He is practical; and his special understanding of mechanical things keeps him busy under the floors of such places. This doesn’t mean there isn’t room for fantasy in his life, however. In solitude he studies the creatures, culture, and plant life outside the wall and hopes that someday he will be able to explore the wilderness.

Uninterested in the war, politics, and society that surrounds him, he is aloof and mostly ignored by others. Nevertheless, he has been known to awkwardly interrupt conversations about logic cycle timing or otherworldly monsters with great enthusiasm.

Experience Points
100 Joined Company 17
10 Spider Man
50 Fancy Feast
25 Property Brother
5 Bogwid Biologist
10 Tomb Raider
50 Found Bluebell
1 That’s Cuz We Are
10 Ugly Motherf****r
50 Party Crasher
311 Total XP

Bellman Nihm

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