Cole Padovan

Human Political Aide


Cole Padovan is a tan, 5’ 10” human male with medium-long, shaggy brown hair.


Answering the letter without hesitation, Cole Padovan was both in desperate need of work and eager to help others in a bid to improve his people skills and carve out a place for himself in the public eye.

A lifelong resident of Grand El-Yador, Cole was born into a family of comfortable wealth. He enjoyed a pleasant and colorful childhood, wanting for nothing in the bustling streets of Grand El-Yador where food and entertainment was always available in spades for those who could afford it.

The only child of Francis and Eden Padovan, Cole’s parents proved that in Grand El-Yador hard work made anything possible. Sadly, Francis, a skillful carpenter, and Eden, a talented seamstress, were both lost in a terrorist attack on a peaceful spring evening while experiencing their first hallucination in one of Grand El-Yador’s infamous dream parlors, a luxury typically reserved for those wealthier than the working-class Padovans. Deep in their artificial dream world, Francis and Eden were helpless as anti-human activists stormed the parlor, targeting every human they could find. Cole, barely a teenager and embarrassed by the mere thought of being seen in a dream parlor with his parents, waited just a few blocks down. Cole turned as he heard the first scream before witnessing a flood of well-to-do Revati fleeing the parlor. Too scared to think, he could only muster the courage to run.

Lost without his parents, Cole grew up quickly and abandoned all of his childlike ambitions. He began working odd jobs, building and crafting with what skills his parents were able to give him. Tired of the hard work his parents endured, Cole landed a job as an assistant for a Revati politician running for a seat on the Grand Council. The seat was ultimately filled by the first human to ever be appointed to the Grand Council. With the campaign coming to end, Cole once again finds himself in need of work, though this time something is different. Indeed, the sight of a human in a position of power for the very first time has awoken something in Cole. Will he live honorably for his parents or will he avenge them?

Experience Points
100 Joined Company 17
50 Fancy Feast
10 Sympathetic
5 Mediator
50 Found Bluebell
25 Man of Action
50 Party Crasher
300 Total XP

Cole Padovan

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