I'dai Loko

Human Brothel Worker


I’dai was born to a middle cast family. They were not poor but they were not wealthy. She is the oldest. She has a sister, who she considers a plain jane – C’rina. Her parents worked at the Casinos in town.

She is now 23 years old. She has been on her own since 17.

She is self assured. She considers herself self-reliant.

She does not have friends. She works and she studies magic. Those are the things she loves. She doesn’t care what people think about her.


I’dai Loko exhibited a knack at Southern Magic and illusion at an early age. She would use the magic to play tricks on her friends and family. Her family worried that she would get in trouble if she did not become a magicians apprentice. At 16 she began studying the magic arts with Chono Habenthal. Things did not go well. I’dai’s mischievous behavior got her in trouble with her master and the law. She used her skills of illusion to commit petty crimes. She grew bored and became interested in learning magic on her own while make some money. She knew this was dangerous but she is very hard headed. I’dai decided at 17, the best way to make money was to work at brothel. She used her powers to work at The Pink House Brothel. She uses her power of illusion to fulfill her clients fantasies. She loves the work and it fits well with her personality. She can take of herself, and she has learned how to read people, especially men. This is not a magical talent. She is also a great listener and has heard many conversations that should not have been heard. She is also a follower of Cosmic Ocean.

After servicing one of her regular clients he handed her the scroll and left. Without paying.

Experience Points
100 Joined Company 17
10 Fishmonger-monger
50 Fancy Feast
20 Mistress of Disguise
-1 Left a Tip
25 Related to Bluebell
50 Found Bluebell
10 7 Saints & 1 Sinner
50 Party Crasher
314 Total XP

I'dai Loko

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