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  • Timeline

    h4. *Antiquity: Heaven and Hell* Mankind realizes its great destiny as the first civilization is born in the lush northern continent. Free of the struggle to survive, human society quickly grows and advances. Explorers venture to the southern continent …

  • Grand El-Yador

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    In ancient times, two tribes existed on opposite banks of the river at the southernmost tip of the Southern Continent. On the western bank was El, …

  • Valoris

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    The legendary warriors of Valoris tamed fierce monsters and rode them into battle. Tribes in what is now Valoris fought for control of an ancient …

  • The Veil

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    The dry and mountainous terrain where The Veil now sits was uninviting to the ancient people of the southern continent. As a result, the other tribes …

  • Whitehaven

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    Before The Calamity, the northernmost tribe of the southern continent enjoyed the most fertile land and gentlest climate that the continent had to …

  • Setting

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  • Axis

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    Axis is the settlement of a nomadic tribe that frequently relocates throughout the central region of the Southern Continent. Axis is not affiliated …

  • Magic


    Magic was first practiced on the southern continent by tribes in what is now The Veil. There are two schools of magic: * [[Southern Magic | Southern Magic]], the mostly harmless, illusory magic used by entertainers to do …

  • Western Magic


    Western magic is so called because it was first practiced by the leaders of The Veil in the mountains along the west coast of the southern continent. The name is said in a solemn, often fearful tone, as western magic was …

  • Southern Magic


    Southern magic was discovered by tribes in the western mountains, but trivialized by the advent of life-threatening western magic. Southern magic is considered a child's trick among the strange and stoic people of The Veil, but it …

  • Religion

    The Old Gods

    "The Old Gods" refers to a pantheon that was revered throughout the southern continent until leaders from The Veil announced that they had been visited by the One God, a deity who bestowed upon them the power of western magic. The …

  • Geography

    The Southern Continent

    The Four Kingdoms
  • Miscellany


    Coins in Grand El-Yador are made from a gold and silver alloy. They are called "crowns" because of the five-jeweled crown on one face. The opposite face depicts the royal seal of Grand El-Yador. The crown face is an homage to coins …

  • First Father

    First Father is the sixth Old God. He was born a mortal, but his courage, wisdom, and empathy earned him the admiration of all the gods. Gravemother so adored him that she became his wife and made him immortal. The Clockmaker gave the day and night to …

  • Gravemother

    Gravemother is the fifth Old God. After the Clockmaker created Time and Mortality, he made Gravemother to take care of the dead. She arranges the afterlife for each living thing. Gravemother has dominion over night and the dead. In the old stories, …

  • Cosmic Ocean

    Cosmic Ocean is the first Old God. Cosmic Ocean is the infinite emptiness that exists between all things. In the beginning when there was nothing, Cosmic Ocean was everything. Cosmic Ocean dreamed of reality and the Clockmaker was born. In the old stories …

  • The Clockmaker

    The Clockmaker is the second Old God. He was born when Cosmic Ocean dreamed reality into existence. The Clockmaker created time and mortality, giving life to the first beings. The Clockmaker made three daughters to govern the World: Flower of the Wild to …

  • Flower of the Wild

    Flower of the Wild is the third Old God. After the Clockmaker created Time and Mortality, he made Flower of the Wild to usher new life into the World. She oversees the birth and growth of plants and animals alike. Flower of the Wild has dominion over love …

  • The Wanderer

    The Wanderer is the fourth Old God. After the Clockmaker created Time and Mortality, he made the Wanderer to end life. She oversees conflict and gives courage to those who risk their lives. The Wanderer has dominion over war and justice. In the old …

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    [[Grand El-Yador | Grand El-Yador]] The Cosmopolitan Kingdom in the South
    [[Valoris | Valoris]]