Grand El-Yador



In ancient times, two tribes existed on opposite banks of the river at the southernmost tip of the Southern Continent. On the western bank was El, and on the eastern bank was Yador. El and Yador existed in relative peace, but were split on the issue of slavery. The people of El abhorred the idea of slavery, while Yadorians took advantage of the sudden influx of human slaves and quickly grew. Startled by the concentration of power in the other three kingdoms, the two great tribes set aside their differences and joined to form Grand El-Yador. The issue of slavery was finally settled when the Grand Council voted to free the slave army of Valoris in exchange for their loyalty. Fewer than two hundred years later, the first human was granted a seat on the Grand Council.


Population 142,670 Governance The Grand Council Queen Khabira the Wise
Leading Industry Entertainment Major Religion The One God Allies The Veil, Freed Humans
Median Yearly Income 600 crowns Economy Free Market Enemies Whitehaven

A Sample of Establishments in Grand El-Yador


The Grand Council
The Tower
The Royal Palace
The Royal Mint
The Astrological Observatory
Temple of the Firebringer
Government Offices (e.g. Tax Collectors)


The Grail of Good Fortune (Bar)
The Pink House (Brothel)
The Golden Palace (Casino)
Mythkenner (Coliseum)
Cosmic Ocean Shipwrights (Dream Parlor)
Tomb of Horrors (Haunted House)
Starlight Symphony (Music)
Faerium (Theater)


The Emperor’s Club (Bar)
The Grand Council (Brothel)
Rags to Riches (Casino)
Dancing Swords (Coliseum)
Oasis Corner Club (Music)
Center Stage (Theater)


The Old El Market ($)
The Blue Whale ($$)
The River Maiden ($$$)
The Moon ($$$$)


Bloodbath and Beyond (Arms)
The Actor’s Armoire (Costumes)
Illusions of Grandeur (Magic)
The Broken Drum (Musical Instruments)

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Grand El-Yador

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