Magic was first practiced on the southern continent by tribes in what is now The Veil. There are two schools of magic:

  • Southern Magic, the mostly harmless, illusory magic used by entertainers to do things like change their voice or appearance.
  • Western Magic, the destructive magic used by the wizards of The Veil to rain fire on the kingdom of Valoris.

It appears that some individuals are born with greater potential to use magic than others.

Magic in Grand El-Yador

While southern magic is widespread in Grand El-Yador, use of western magic is strictly forbidden. Those witnessed violating the ban on destructive magic are taken to a clandestine facility called The Tower.

Magic in The Veil

Magic is a way of life in The Veil. In addition to being the birthplace of magic, The Veil is home to the fearsome wizards who ended The Great War. To protect their secrets, The Veil enacted a strict isolationist policy after the War.

Magic in Valoris

For historical reasons, the people of Valoris despise western magic and consider even southern magic to be dangerous and deceitful. However, some scholars contend that the ability of ancient Valorisians to tame monsters was actually a form of magic rather than a mundane skill.

Magic in Whitehaven

The immeasurable power of the wizards of The Veil keeps the power-mad dictators of Whitehaven from expanding their borders.

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