Description Humanoid
Lifespan 70-100 years
Advantage None
Disadvantage None


Description Taller and more muscular than humans, with blond hair that surrounds the mens’ heads like a lion’s mane, while the women are barely distinguishable from humans except for their stature and sharper, more catlike eyes. Leonids are strict carnivores.
Lifespan 60-80 years
Advantage Leonids are perfect physical specimens. Even the weakest Leonids are able to perform athletic feats beyond the capabilities of lesser races.
Disadvantage Leonids have fast metabolisms and suffer from hunger and exhaustion sooner and more severely than other races.


Description Similar to humans but with red or blue skin and small horns protruding from the temples. Taurids are said to be descended from a race of giants that lived in the mountains to the west.
Lifespan 120-150 years
Advantage Resistant (but not immune) to the harmful effects of magic.
Disadvantage Resistant (but not immune) to the beneficial effects of magic.


Description Similar to humans with curvaceous bodies and jet black skin. The most striking oddity of the Revati is that the average adult male is just under five feet tall, while the average adult female is over a foot taller. Revati are strict herbivores.
Lifespan 120-150 years
Advantage Revati have rich, sonorous voices. They are renowned as actors, singers, and politicians.
Disadvantage Due to a peculiarity of Revati anatomy, they have an innately poor sense of balance.


Description Long-limbed creatures with skin color that ranges from light gray to pearl white. All Arkons have black hair and slim faces. They typically stand about six and a half feet tall. From their shoulder blades extend a pair of useless black-feathered wings. Arkons are said to descend from a race of demigods that soared across the skies and were strong enough to uproot trees.
Lifespan 150-200 years
Advantage Their monstrous appearance chills enemies.
Disadvantage Their monstrous appearance chills acquaintances.

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