Antiquity: Heaven and Hell

Mankind realizes its great destiny as the first civilization is born in the lush northern continent. Free of the struggle to survive, human society quickly grows and advances. Explorers venture to the southern continent and return with stories of strange savage races and deadly monsters. The human kingdoms band together to erect a wall spanning the land bridge that connects the two continents. The gate between the two continents becomes known as The Place Between Heaven and Hell.

Year Zero: The Calamity

A giant meteor strikes the northern continent. The impact levels humankind’s greatest cities and wipes out all but those at the fringes of the civilized world. The debris darkens the sky and renders the northern continent frozen and inhospitable.

1 A.C. ~ 100 A.C.: The Crossing

The surviving fragments of the human race disperse in search of a new home. The most stubborn families stay in the southernmost part of the northern continent and decide to brave the cold. Others cross the land bridge to the southern continent.

The uprooted humans are not received well by the numerous southern tribes. They are seen as strange and utterly ignorant of even the most basic facts of life on the wild southern continent. Many are slaughtered, and more are captured for use as slave labor.

100 ~ 800 A.C.: The New World

Centuries of alliances and commerce between tribes pave the way for kingdoms. Power is concentrated into the four great southern kingdoms: cosmopolitan Grand El-Yador, the mystic Veil, proud Valoris, and brutal Whitehaven.

822 A.C. ~ 853 A.C.: The Great War

A border dispute between Valoris and Grand El-Yador erupts into the Great War of the Kingdoms. Valoris bolsters its ranks of powerful warriors with a massive army of human slaves from Whitehaven. The tide turns in Grand El-Yador’s favor when it promises the slaves freedom in exchange for their loyalty in the fight against Valoris. Seizing an opportunity to curry favor with the Grand El-Yadorians and display their might, the wizards of the Veil march alongside the freed slaves and raze Valoris. The once-proud kingdom is reduced to rubble.
Though many members of the southern races still look down on the human race, most recognize that victory against Valoris was thanks in large part to their help.

1000 A.C.: Pax Australis

The first human is appointed to the Grand Council. Humans prove themselves equal to the southern races in the eyes of many. Valoris is quiet. The Veil institutes a policy of isolation to protect its magical secrets. Whitehaven fortifies its borders, fearful that southward expansion will lead to the same insurrection that caused the ruin of Valoris.

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