Sergio Dante


While in the midst of studying for another star-studded production, Sergio received a note from his agent along with an invitation to join a Free Company. Although service to the kingdom in this capacity is considered prestigious, Sergio initially passed over the invitation. It wasn’t until he met with his agent, a wise business man who also once served in a Free Company that Sergio decided to respond. Failing to convince Sergio to report to serve the city-state that has given so much to the young man, his agent suggests that service could bring further attention to his work on stage and push his fame to legendary heights. After considering this, Sergio decides to report for duty as his agent and mentor has always led him to great success in the acting world. He’s never been much of a warrior, but you can bet he’s played the part before.

Although he’s cocky and can be dramatic at times, Sergio is loyal to those he considers to be strong leaders. Was he just brought to the company to bring added notoriety for a particular project? Could a name this big really just come up in the lottery?


Sergio Dante isn’t sure what to think about the invitation to join a free company. As the son of wealthy heirs to a great fortune Sergio has lived a privileged life in the cosmopolitan Mecca of Grand El-Yador after migrating as a young actor and finding instant success on the biggest stages in the world. At just 30 years of age Sergio has already achieved the highest accolades for his talents and has rarely faced any hardship.

Experience Points
100 Joined Company 17
25 No Comment!
50 Fancy Feast
5 The Real Sergio Dante
5 Charity for Bluebell
50 Found Bluebell
1 Picked Up Nihm’s Tab
50 Party Crasher
25 Spike
311 Total XP

Sergio Dante

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