Tholt Rodery

Tholt Rodery is a Leonid. 20 years old, Blonde, 6'9, Expensive but well worn clothing.


Tholt Rodery is a 20 year old Leonid from a wealthy family. Taught the ways of sailing from an early age, he knows his way around a riverboat. He dresses well, but his clothes are beginning to look ragged. He is strong and strong willed, but has many vices. After receiving his letter to join a Free Company, he feels that he has been given a chance to turn his life around. Tholt wants to leave his bar brawling, womanizing, and gambling behind to become a legendary hero.


Tholt Rodery came from a wealthy family. The Rodery Riverboat Company has been the premiere Shippers for generations. From an early age, he was groomed to be a sailor, a captain, and eventually the Principal owner of the entire fleet. However, as he got older Tholt became restless and bored with sailing back and forth across the river. Searching for excitement, he visited the bars, nightclubs, casinos and brothels. At first, he only frequented the best Grand El-Yador had to offer, but eventually even his large allowance and his pay weren’t enough to keep up with his reckless spending. To make his crowns stretch further, he had to downgrade to the cheaper side of town to get his kicks. His parents were unhappy with his gambling, boozing, and prostitutes, but when he began to go to the seedier establishments, that was the last straw. Stories of his exploits were the talk among their most powerful and influential friends and they couldn’t allow him to sullen the good name of Rodery. After several failed attempts to get Tholt under control, his Father met him one morning at the shipyard and told him the news, he had given them no choice but to disown him.

Tholt knew at that point there was no use in pleading or arguing, he simply turned and went to the Emperor’s Club to drown his sorrows. He woke the next day with a pounding head and a sour stomach, but he was determined to show his Parents that he could make his own way. He didn’t need their Crowns or their influence. He went from one establishment to another working as a bouncer, but eventually he got the reputation for starting more fights than he broke up. They would no longer let him in the door, much less let him work for them. He had used up every connection, burned every bridge, and as he tried to open the door of his room with a key that no longer fit because he hadn’t paid in two weeks, he came to the painful realization that he couldn’t make it on his own. Tholt knew he couldn’t go back to his Parents, he didn’t know where to go. He beat his head against the door when he saw an envelope sticking out of from under the door. He assumed it was a bill. Out of curiosity he wanted to see how many Crowns he wouldn’t be paying the slumlord, but it was something else entirely. Tholt stared at the letter blankly for a long time, then a smile formed across his face. This was his chance to make a new life for himself, to show his Family that he did deserve the Rodery name, and show them he could make his own way. The One God had given him a second chance, and he is determined not to waste it.
Experience Points
100 Joined Company 17
40 We’re In The Shit!
50 Fancy Feast
5 Look What Dragged in the Cat
5 Too Drunk to Remember
50 Found Bluebell
40 Criminal Catcher
40 Monster Masher
50 Party Crasher
380 Total XP

Tholt Rodery

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